New York CLE: Diversity, Inclusion, and Bias Elimination

Welcome to the New York CLE on Diversity, Inclusion, and Bias Elimination. This program aims to provide valuable insights and strategies for promoting diversity, fostering inclusion, and eliminating bias in the legal profession. By participating in this CLE, legal professionals can gain a deeper understanding of key issues related to diversity and inclusion, and learn how to effectively address biases within the legal community.

Main Menu

As part of the New York CLE program, participants will have access to a main menu that includes a variety of resources and modules focused on diversity, inclusion, and bias elimination. This menu will provide a comprehensive overview of the topics covered in the program, and offer guidance on how to navigate through the materials.

12n – FAQs – Diversity Inclusion and Elimination of Bias

The 12n module will address frequently asked questions related to diversity, inclusion, and the elimination of bias in the legal profession. This section will provide answers to common queries, offer practical tips for promoting diversity and inclusion, and explore best practices for combating bias in the legal workplace.

Footer Menu

The footer menu will provide additional resources and links to relevant organizations, articles, and research studies related to diversity, inclusion, and the elimination of bias. Participants can use this menu to further expand their knowledge and gain access to valuable information and support networks.

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