Is the October LSAT Too Late to Apply to Law School? And is December Too Late to Apply?

When it comes to applying to law school, timing is crucial. Many prospective law students often wonder if the October LSAT is too late to apply, and if December is even later. Let’s explore this topic and consider some expert opinions on the matter.

Would August or even October LSAT be too late for this upcoming cycle?

“From an admissions standpoint, there‚Äôs no real difference between the November and January test dates.”


Author and instructor oychoi believes that taking the LSAT in October might not be too late, especially for the upcoming cycle. However, he also advises that taking the test earlier, such as in August, can give applicants a better chance at getting their applications in earlier.

Dave Killoran

LSAT expert Dave Killoran also shares similar views, stating that while the October LSAT is not too late, earlier test dates provide an advantage in the application process. He suggests that applicants aim to take the test in August if possible.


oychoi further explains that the timing of the LSAT should be strategic, as it not only affects the application process but also impacts scholarship opportunities. Taking the test earlier can give applicants more time to prepare and possibly improve their scores for better offers from law schools.

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