Comparison of Barbri and Bar Exam Difficulty

When it comes to preparing for the bar exam, many law students turn to courses like Barbri to help them study and review the material. However, there is often a debate about whether Barbri is harder than the actual bar exam itself. Additionally, there is a question of the difficulty level of Barbri’s questions compared to those on the Multi-State Bar Exam (MBE). Let’s take a closer look at these comparisons and consider the differences.

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Is Barbri Harder Than the Bar?

Many law students wonder if the Barbri course is more difficult than the actual bar exam. The truth is that the difficulty of the bar exam varies depending on the jurisdiction, and it can be quite challenging regardless of which course you use to study. While Barbri provides a comprehensive review of the material and practice questions, it may not necessarily be more difficult than the exam itself. The key is to use the course to thoroughly study and understand the material, so you are fully prepared for the exam.

Are Barbri Questions Harder Than MBE?

Another common question that arises is whether the practice questions provided by Barbri are more challenging than those on the MBE. Again, this can depend on the individual and their preparation for the exam. Barbri’s questions are designed to test your knowledge of the material and help you practice for the types of questions you will encounter on the exam. While they may be difficult, they are meant to prepare you for the MBE and other sections of the bar exam.


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In conclusion, the difficulty of Barbri compared to the bar exam and the level of its questions compared to the MBE can vary from person to person. Ultimately, the most important factor is how well you understand the material and how thoroughly you prepare for the exam. Regardless of which course you choose to use for studying, the key is to stay focused, dedicated, and confident in your abilities to succeed on the bar exam.

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