James Duane’s Warning: Don’t Speak to Law Enforcement

James Duane, a professor at Regent Law School and former defense attorney, has advised people not to speak to the police under any circumstances. His lecture “Don’t Talk to the Police” has become a viral sensation on the internet. In his lecture, Duane argues that the risks of talking to the police far outweigh any potential benefits, even if the person is innocent. He also emphasizes that even innocent people can unintentionally say things that can be used against them in court.

I say this as a law professor. But it comes from experiences that have nothing to do with being a law prof.

As a law professor, Duane’s advice is based on his understanding of the legal system and how statements made to law enforcement can be used. However, he also speaks from personal experience as a defense attorney and has seen how even innocent individuals can incriminate themselves by speaking to the police.


Many people may be unaware of their rights when it comes to interacting with law enforcement, and Duane’s lecture serves as a powerful reminder of the potential consequences of speaking to the police, even if one is innocent.

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It is important for individuals to understand their rights and the potential consequences of speaking to law enforcement. Duane’s warning is a valuable resource for anyone who may one day be in a situation where speaking to the police is a possibility.

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Regardless of innocence or guilt, James Duane’s warning to not speak to the police is a crucial message for anyone navigating the legal system. It serves as a reminder of the importance of understanding one’s rights and the potential implications of speaking to law enforcement.

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